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Sophieisms, Part One

posted Thursday July 1st, 2010

You go years thinking she’ll never talk, then suddenly you can’t shut her up.


My friends Robrt and Todd (you know, the shopping enablers) have been saying “BUY IT” ever since Sophie coined the term — complete with a Lauren Bacall-esque voice — quite some time ago. After she told me tonight, “Mommy, my loose teeth don’t like popcorn,” I decided we’re overdue for a list of Sophieisms.

Not to get all deep on you or anything, but I can say for sure that before I had Sophie, there’s no way I would have believed a person with Down syndrome could be so witty — or quirky. Or whatever you want to call it.

Here are a few. I’ll update soon.

Preferred nickname: Hot Cocoa

Description of our dog Jack, when asked by Ms. Y: He’s a chocolate lab with coconut on top.

What she said when Courtney arranged her lunch in the shape of a smiley face: You’re so weird.

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4 Responses to “Sophieisms, Part One”

  1. Why is it that i find my daughter with DS’s sayings so damn cute! Now I find it in your daughter too! Funny!
    Kayli seems to think it’s funny to add toenail polish or lipstick at the end of any sentence- her idea of a joke- she cracks up every time! And I love it when she says (appropriately inserted) “what the heck?”
    Does Sophie chatter? Kayli LOVES to talk….. she will chatter and tell long stories of a mixed information kind.

  2. i think i’ll try the toenail polish thing — i bet it works! we get a lot of “what the hecks” too. and yes on the chatter — every morning begins with, “let’s talk.”

  3. We get the talk mostly in the evening all about how she wants to be on food network challenge when she is bigger and win $10,000, how Peter pan is coming to her house, how she wants to go to Anne of green Gables house etc…. She also has the cutest habit of inserting little “snicks”, lip smacks sound effects like many people do in her phrases!

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