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Sophieisms, Part Two

posted Monday August 9th, 2010

“Excuse me, we need more towels, please.” — To the volunteer ranger at the campground we stayed at last week in Yellowstone. Later in the week, she tried to ask for more forks (indeed, we’d run out of plastic forks) but I was onto her and stopped her before she could say anything). The ranger was not particularly amused, by the way, though the rest of us — including Sophie – thought it was hilarious.

“Seat belt, seat belt, na-na-na-na seat belt!” — To anyone who has not immediately put their seat belt on upon entering the car. (This gets a lot of use on a 1000-mile road trip.)

“Mommy, don’t read the newspaper in front of other people. It’s rude, so don’t do it.” (True, but in my defense, I was trying to catch up on the headlines while Sophie brushed her teeth before bed. That seems like a victimless crime.)

Sophieisms, Part One

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One Response to “Sophieisms, Part Two”

  1. I love Sophieisms! Our latest fav is “Not quite”, as in “Are you ready to go to bed?”. And what’s with the seatbelt cop thing?

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