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“Too Soon?” This American Life

(aired August 15, 2015, the story about Sophie is in Act Two)

“Educated Guess,” This American Life

(aired June 27, 2008, the story I wrote about Sophie is in Act Three)

KJZZ commentaries, archives 


“Eleven, With Down Syndrome, and Still a Santa-Loving Little Girl. Maybe” — Motherlode (NYT parenting blog)

Lucky Day,” Brain, Child

“Bad Mom” column archives,

In Response to the Tucson Shootings:

“Arizona State of Mind” –Washington Post

“Branded” – Phoenix New Times

New York Times travel section:

36 Hours in Phoenix

Going to: Scottsdale

Taking a Swing Through Tucson…

Going to: Flagstaff

A Beach Town Dr. Seuss Might Prescribe

Phoenix New Times (my day job):

“The Lost Kids: A Three-Part Series about Kids and Mental Health” (part one: Saving Alex; part two: Losing Erica; part three: Suicidal Tendencies)

“Mommy Dearest”

“The Scarlet Letter”

“Phoenix Has An Inferiority Complex”

“A Boy Called Rover”

“The Secret Life of Dad”

“A Jew for Baby Jesus”

Amy Silverman
Amy Silverman has two beautiful daughters, Annabelle and Sophie. Sophie has Down syndrome. These days, Amy divides the world into two groups: the people who adore Sophie, and those who don’t look twice. Amy has to remind herself that once upon a time -- when it came to people who are "different" -- she fell in the latter category. And therein lies the blog... Read more


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