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Shop, Girl

posted Wednesday June 9th, 2010

There is nothing worse than a friend who has vowed not to shop for the entire year. Unless it’s two friends who have vowed not to shop for the entire year.

Consider my good friends Robrt and Todd.

The other day, Todd sent me an email. Subject line: This is not a Hobby Lobby Coupon…

And inside: I lied. It is.

And it was. For 40-freaking-percent off. Thanks, Todd! Now I’ll need to buy more Rubbermaids (that I don’t have space for) to hold the additional craft supplies (that I don’t need) that I’ll purchase from Hobby Lobby simply because they are on sale.

Worst of all: I won’t be able to get Robrt to go to Target with me to buy the Rubbermaids.

Actually, the truth is that I held off on using the Hobby Lobby coupon. (So far, anyway.) But not on Robrt’s latest “helpful” offering, news that the book “Do a ZOOM Do, Crafts and Fun Ideas” by the creators of the old kids’ TV show ZOOM, was on eBay.

Guess what arrived in the mail the other day, circa 1975? I expect you both over ASAP to make stained glass cookies, gentlemen. I’ll even go to Safeway myself for the ingredients.

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6 Responses to “Shop, Girl”

  1. um…how does one procure coupons to above mentioned craft haven, hobby lobby????

  2. I tried making stained glass cookies a few years ago. Sounded much eacher than it was.

  3. actually, it’s way too easy to get a HL coupon of your very own! go to and in the upper right corner there’s a “subscribe for weekly savings” thing to fill out.

  4. What is hobby lobby? I am so shopping challenged!

  5. Can I help it if you are weak when it comes to embossers, pinking shears, and discounted foam shapes? No, I can’t. The same way I can’t help sending you Hobby Lobby coupons. Just wait until the Aaron Brothers coupons start coming your way…oh yes. They will.

  6. [...] friends Robrt and Todd (you know, the shopping enablers) have been saying “BUY IT” ever since Sophie coined the term — complete with a [...]

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