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Popsicle Dreams

posted Wednesday June 30th, 2010

This weekend was refreshing — like eating popsicles with your best friends.

Actually, that’s exactly what I did. For the first time in too long, Ray and I ventured away sans kids to LA for a dear friend’s wedding. It was barely 80 degrees, but the ceremony took place in the direct sun (I can’t recall the last time I even saw direct sunlight in Phoenix, which is good, since it’s at least 112 degrees today) so it was most definitely popsicle weather. I even got sunburned.

I came home a little foggy, which I attribute not just to too much sun, but also too much (read: enough, for once) sleep and too much sweet tea-infused vodka (or was it vodka-infused sweet tea?). On Monday, I actually forgot to pick Annabelle up from camp, and I’m never that bad. (I did remember 5 minutes before camp was over, and made it across town in record time, but still, VERY BAD MOM.) And I’ve been out of sorts all week — minor snafus at work, annoyances at home.

Looking at this popsicle picture (which I finally got to load on the blog after three days of trying — see what I mean?) makes me feel better. Maybe I’ll pick up a box on my way home, but the truth is, they don’t make gourmet Mexican chocolate and mango lime popsicles in Phoenix. And they certainly don’t make friends like Heather and Shannon. Not to get all maudlin, but these two – whom I’ve known since college — have taught me a lot over the years about the true meaning of friendship.

Time to start planning the next trip….

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2 Responses to “Popsicle Dreams”

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  2. Seeing you was as refreshing as a sweet, cold popsicle!! So wonderful!!!! Miss you already!!!

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