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posted Wednesday June 9th, 2010

It finally happened. Sophie has a loose tooth.

Two, actually. Both her top front teeth are loose. She was so excited when I point this out that she did that thing where her whole body vibrates, and all day long, she grabbed people’s hands and tried to shove them in her mouth to wiggle the evidence.

I discovered the top loose teeth yesterday morning when I was investigating the bottom. Nothing loose there, not at all, but clear as day, a permanent tooth is coming in behind one of Sophie’s lower front teeth.

This freaked me out until a friend said, “Oh yeah, shark teeth!” And the other friend at the dinner table confirmed the phenomenon; both her kids had them. The first friend went on to say that her brother in law — a grown man — still has two of his baby teeth. He’s got two sets of eye teeth; a nice party trick.


Usually, my friends said, they do wind up having to pull the baby teeth. Humans are not sharks. OK, but I can tell you this much: They are going to have to give both Sophie and me a lot of nitrous if she needs a tooth pulled.

I’d rather think about Tooth Fairy preparations. I still haven’t decided — should Tabitha Fairchild serve as both Annabelle and Sophie’s tooth fairy, or will Sophie’s TF have a completely different persona?

Tallulah Fairbanks does have a nice ring to it….

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4 Responses to “Toothsome.”

  1. Yay for loose teeth. Ella is missing one of her top teeth and there is nothing cuter. She also had shark thing on her first loose tooth and the tooth fell out on its own the day before we were supposed to go to the dentist to pull it. My advice is to hold out as long as possible.

  2. I had one of my baby teeth till college! Just wanted to say that baby teeth have only one small root and they really don’t hurt to pull out. Sophie might be scared but I hope you can keep from making her more scared with your own nerves, which of course are natural for you to have.

    Love your blog.

  3. Wow, your Tooth Fairy has a name? (er, sorry, names?).
    I was proud when a week AFTER Leo lost his second tooth, I finally got my act together (I mean, the Tooth Fairy finally got her act together) and put a new yellow shirt (his fave, you know) under his pillow one morning. He was thrilled though.

    And shh, don’t tell, but his recent lost tooth (his second) is still sitting on the top shelf of one of the kitchen cabinets (in a cute little yellow box from the school nurse). It’s right next to the baking supplies. Seems like a safe place though, right?

    Note: You may already know this but I didn’t-when Sophie does finally lose a tooth, it may take close to FOREVER for a replacement to come in (remember, everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is delayed, thanks DS). Leo lost his first tooth last summer (bad mom alert: the tooth fairy didn’t even come!) and he is just now getting a tiny sliver of a visible tooth to replace it. Leo = gummy.

    Making up for lost time here by doing some major BIYB.

    Miss you!

  4. Oohhh… teeth and DS get pretty complicated but I will spare you any foretelling details! I agree with Maya let’s just say and congrats Miss Sophie! You are cool Amy with the naming of the toothfairy- I was a bad mommy like some mention and had trouble, ahem…. arranging the visit!

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