She’s Lump/She’s Lump/She’s Lump

posted Thursday February 11th, 2010


Ever since I started embroidering (or ‘broidering, as Sophie calls it) — and showing off my not-so-handiwork — I’ve heard the same thing.

Don’t worry about the back! It won’t show! Who cares?!

Yeah, the back doesn’t matter, I learned the hard way, til you go to try to frame the piece. Smoosh this stuff down and you’ve got a problem – if you go through embroidery thread like I do.

OK, lesson learned. Figure out how to be neater — or buy thicker fabric. I’m heading to the remnant store asap.

In any case, I’ll take my lumps. It’s still a fun hobby (for a girl who always took pride in not having one) and at least one piece of embroidery from this first round turned out lump-free: our valentine.

Next time, I’ll ‘broider something of Sophie’s. This was a fun joint-effort — as it says on the back of the card, “drawn by annabelle, stitched by amy, valentine’s day, 2010.”

Here’s the one we made for Ray. Annabelle drew him holding “paws” with Jack the puppy. (Note the lumps.)


May you have such happy collaborations with your loved ones, lumps and all!

(And good luck getting that Presidents of the United States song out of your head. I can’t.)

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3 Responses to “She’s Lump/She’s Lump/She’s Lump”

  1. Perhaps you could cut out a piece of cotton batting or plain white quilted puffy fabric to mount behind the piece so that when it is flattened the knots will get evened out? I don’t know if I’m conveying the idea well but do you get what I mean?

  2. SAS? Which one? I’ll meet ya there!

  3. amy-
    try making your project 3 layers deep. Front layer (the one that will be seen and has your pattern printed on it), batting (like Warm and Natural- bleached or unbleached), a light cotton. 2 layers of fabric with batting sandwiched between.

    That way your thread/lumps won’t show through! Love the one of your two girls!!

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