A Wrinkled but Heartfelt Valentine for Ms. X

posted Tuesday February 2nd, 2010


I’m terrible with surprises. I finished this late last night (thanks to “Worst Cooks in America” — I have a lot to say about that show, but this is not a food blog…) and couldn’t wait to share it.

Ever since I did Annabelle’s drawing of Abbie, Sophie’s been asking me to ‘broider something of hers. So I did. Here is Sophie’s drawing of herself with Ms. X, her kindergarten teacher — and, from the looks of it, our teacher (and friend!) for life.

And, as usual, here’s the back. As you can see, I’m not getting any better. (And yeah, wrinkles are still an issue.)


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3 Responses to “A Wrinkled but Heartfelt Valentine for Ms. X”

  1. What a darling idea!! You go girl.

  2. How adorable….I love how you keep showing the backstory. ;)

  3. [...] since I started embroidering (or ‘broidering, as Sophie calls it) — and showing off my not-so-handiwork — I’ve heard the same [...]

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