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Guest Post from Sophie: “Birthday”

posted Thursday March 27th, 2014


Hi my name is Sophie and today I will talk to you guys about my birthday. Can you give me ideas for songs for my 11th birthday mix? And hope you love my post. And also me and my mom got some song ideas together, like Party in the USA and we are thinking about having a spa night at the hotel and we stay up and talk about boys and then we are doing a dance. The first thing we do is a leap and a turn and we run, passé passé and we run in the middle of the stage and we go up down, up down, run, leap and then we leap and another one and we are finished with that.

Sophie asked me to edit the post, so I did. But I prefer her unedited version: 

hi my name is Sophie  i will talk to you gycs  about my  birthday  can you get me  any ids  for sings for my 11 th birthday mix  and  hope you love my post   and also me and my mom got some  together  happy   party  in the isa  and  we are thinking  about to have a spa night at the  hotel and we stay up and talk about boys   and then we   are   doing a dance  the first think we do is a leap  and a turn  and we run   possay possay   and we  do run in the middle  of stage  and we      up down uptown  run leap  and then we leap   and a  other one  and we are finnsithsed with  i will come back and typing

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9 Responses to “Guest Post from Sophie: “Birthday””

  1. Hi Sophie! Yes, we dance at our office to 24 hours of happy. Your birthday plans sound like lots of fun.

  2. Hi Sophie, I don’t know if your mom will approve of this song but hands down my favorite birthday song is Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. I just love to dance to it. I hope it’s an awesome time.

  3. Hi Sophie! I think you must include The Beatles. They have a great birthday song you can see at I hope this helps. It sounds like a wonderful birthday plan. Please keep posting your blog. I am a big fan! Kristen

  4. Anything by the Black Eyed Peas , especially “Tonight’s going to be a good night”

  5. I love the unedited version!

  6. Almost any song by Michael Jackson makes me want to dance!!! I’m sure you could find one of his song to leap,run and turn to. Cheers

  7. think you for the songs

  8. think you for the songs

  9. Hi Sophie, this is Shelley, the one that does your make-up for Snow Queen. I think a good song is, “You say it’s your birthday”, but I don’t know who it’s by. Maybe your mom does. Have fun whatever you do!

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