“Fabulous Sophie” Writes a Guest Post

posted Sunday March 9th, 2014


Editor’s Note: For a long time now, Sophie has wanted to start her own blog. She and I discussed it and decided that’s a lot of work, so instead she’ll do occasional posts on Girl in a Party Hat. Here’s her first. She wrote it herself start to finish — though I did offer my editing services and cleaned it up a bit. I asked her what to call it and she said, “Fabulous Sophie.” (Duh.) She illustrated it with her latest selfie, taken a few days ago.

Hi my name is Sophie I want to tell you about my family.  My uncle’s name is Uncle Jonathan. My aunt is named Aunt Jenny and my cousins are named Kate, Ben and Sam.  My family is named Annabelle and Sophie and Amy and Ray. Hope you love this blog post. My sister is babysitting me tomorrow. We are going to get our nails done together and we love it. Hope you love this blog post. We are going to Washington, D.C. and we might see Obama and we are staying in a hotel. It is called the Rouge and hope you have a good spring break and hope you love it. And me and my sister are switching rooms, that will be a lot of fun.  I was in cheer and my friend came with me.  Talk  to you  soon and you and love you bye.

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23 Responses to ““Fabulous Sophie” Writes a Guest Post”

  1. Love you too, Sophie. Looking forward to your next post. Have fun in Washington — that’s where I was born. Love, Deborah

  2. Sophie-
    I hope you have fun in DC. If you meet the president make sure to take a pic with him!
    I can’t wait to read your next blog!!!

  3. Hi Sophie!

    I liked your first blog post. I learned some new things about your family and you made me look forward to the next one. I really hope you meet President Obama, but if not him, I hope you meet some other cool people. Washington DC is fun. When you get home, I want to hear about your favorite parts of this trip. Love, Jennifer.

  4. I think you will have a great time in Washington–there are many fun and inspiring things to see and do. And tell your mom I am very impressed that “Girl in a Party Hat” is now date-stamped with the proper date. When did this happen?

    I love you, too,
    Fabulous Cynthia (of the Special Olympics poster)

  5. That was great….full of love. My boys wanted to swap rooms too but I talked them into only swapping room colors! That made it easier for me to find them…which we all love.

    Enjoy your trip, I’ll want to hear about everything you get to do.

  6. Wonderful Sophie!!! Wonderful Post!!!!

  7. Sophie,
    Thank you so much for the book.
    We need to hang out soon.
    Have a wonderful time in Washington, D.C.

    ~Sophie Bayless Feldman

  8. Wish I was on spring break. If you see the president, tell him he has some fans in Arizona.

  9. Great first post Sophie! I learned a lot about your family and I’m looking forward to your next post. I hope you DO get to meet President Obama but I’ll bet there are a lot of interesting people in Washington DC. I want to hear all about your trip when you get home. Have fun!

  10. Go Sophie!
    Great blog post.. Gaga and Papa are so proud of you!

  11. Definitely fabulous!

  12. Hi Sophie! I hope you have a wonderful time in Washington DC and with your sister! I can’t wait to read your next post!

  13. I loved your blog post, Sophie! Spring break in DC will be beautiful!

  14. Looking forward to more blog posts from you, Sophie. Enjoyed reading about who’s in your family. Have fun in Washington, DC. I think the President would be very lucky if he got to meet you!

  15. Hi Sophie, I’m Cooper’s mom, Lisa, and I think you and Cooper would really enjoy meeting each other some day! You are a great writer. I love that you are blogging and I will look forward to reading more of your blog posts. I will also show them to Cooper. Love, Lisa

  16. OMG, Sophie, I have to run and tell Abbie that you wrote a blog post (although I’m sure she’s already seen your selfie)! I think switching rooms is a great idea. I have all sorts of questions about paint. I switched rooms with my brother when I was your age and the new room was a better fit for me. Tell Obama that Arizona says “hi!” xoxo, Tricia

    PS — Did you know that Mike is in DC right now? Tell him “hi” if you see him, okay (look for him near Georgetown)? Did you know that I met your mom in Washington, D.C.? She can show you the EXACT place where we met — on a sidewalk in front of a restaurant. She was wearing Birkenstock sandals. Now that is something I haven’t seen in loooong time. I think you would look cool in Birkenstock sandals and maybe we should pick out a pair for your birthday in honor of your first trip to Washington, D.C. and how much I love your mom and how much I love you. I read in a fashion magazine a few weeks ago that Birkenstock sandals are “in” again!)

  17. Hey Sophie! I enjoyed learning about your family. I hope you have a great time in Washington, DC. The Rouge sounds like a fabulous hotel. I do love hotels.

  18. Might want to consider her for the “paper.” Clean, effective writer, gets to the point, will work cheap.

  19. That was fabuloso! In the train station (not the subway, the real train) in Washington there is a cardboard cut out of Obama that you can pose with! Have fun. The escalators in the subway/metro are ginormous …..

  20. Sophie, you are fabulous, and I love this blog post!

  21. Sophie,
    Love this blog post! Washington will be very interesting and it’s probably always fun going on family vacations. My daughter is switching rooms too because my son is going to college soon. Won’t he be surprised? lol.
    Hope you continue writing for your mom’s blog!

  22. Dear Sophie,

    I loved your blog post! You have so many fun things coming up. Maybe you will post about them. Have fun in Washington.

  23. Hi Sophie! I loved your picture of the splits in front of the White House! You rock! Can’t wait for your next post to see how your trip went!

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