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Sister Love

posted Thursday February 2nd, 2012

Just finished this year’s Valentine, and I had to share early. Annabelle drew the image of the two girls (this is the third year) and I stitched it. (Our friend Claire designed the card.) Next year we will get Sophie in on the action. It’s a nice tradition, I think.

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5 Responses to “Sister Love”

  1. love it!!

  2. That is precious! What do you mean you stitched it- like you made something out of it and then photocopied it? Too cute!

  3. cole — thanks! i transferred annabelle’s drawing to the fabric then embroidered it, then our friend scanned it and created a postcard design.

  4. you don’t know me, I am a Towson grad student who is assigned to read different blogs. I have selected yours for the assignments. I have loved reading your blog, and this is such an amazing idea! I love it!

  5. megan — that made my day, thanks! please let me know if you need anything. good luck with your work. amy

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