I had one overwhelming thought at the end of The Muppets.

Why didn’t I learn my lesson with the remake of Fame?

I so wish I’d stayed home instead of dragging my family to the mall on the day of the film’s release.

Ugh. She already ruined Julie and Julia — now I officially hate Amy Adams’ guts. Don’t get me wrong, the Muppet characters were just as adorable as ever. The Flight of the Conchords’ guy’s music was swell. But there was no magic. Not for me, anyway.

My kids loved The Muppets, which is good, because it means I can buy the old TV show on DVD and watch that with them instead of Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up. (More evidence that Disney is evil — though I will admit to watching Good Luck Charlie once or twice by myself. Scary.)

Anyhow, for those of you not indulging in a little Black Friday shopping (I’m beginning to think this is a Friend Test — if you are currently standing in line at Costco to buy a 4,000 inch flat screen for $99, I’m not sure we have anything to say to one another) here’s one of my favorite scenes from the original Muppet movie.

A palate cleanser, if you will.

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One Response to “Life’s Like a Movie, Write Your Own Ending. Or Better Yet, Sometimes, Stick with the Original.”

  1. NOT shopping today, in fact trying to think of things to do that AVOID the crowds. I shudder at the thought of fighting the hoards for electronic crap.

    I didn’t see the movie, but my kids and family did, no one had anything great to say about it. I was hoping it would be good and my kids would develop a love for the muppets. Oh well, at least my daughter and father bonded over old Rocky & Bullwinkle episodes.

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