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posted Sunday February 27th, 2022



The other day, I was passing through Annabelle’s bedroom when a painting taped to the wall caught my eye.

It’s a watercolor, one of dozens posted all over the walls and doors of the tiny room, mixed in with Polaroid photos and letters from friends,  a small blue structure with a terracotta roof, hovering above a field of green trees, held up with four purple roots. But not just roots to the ground.

Two strong roots pop from the side, as well, stretching toward — something.

My older daughter builds houses from watercolors, fabric, felt, clay and ink. I think it started when she went away to college. Or maybe when she came home, suddenly, in March of her freshman year.

I don’t know why. I haven’t asked. To be honest, I don’t want to hear her answer — just in case it’s not the same as mine.



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One Response to “Roots”

  1. Hi Amy:
    I think that the drawing indicates the strong familial bond that you have created with the girls and Ray hence the four roots that go deep into the Earth. The two other roots ,in my humble opinion represent perhaps Annabelle and Sophie who by the strong bonds that you have laid reach out to develop their own roots in another home. The “job” of a good parent is to create a strong base of values and then release the children into the world to be individuals. It is important to remember that they will always be attached to you….GOOD JOB MOM!

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