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“This is for you.”

posted Monday October 3rd, 2011

Last night, as I was cleaning up and getting ready to turn out the kitchen lights before bed (which makes my kitchen sound much tidier than it is), I noticed a sheet of paper on the table.

Sophie had asked me earlier how to spell “this” but I wasn’t really paying attention. The writing is hard to decipher, so I’ll translate. It says:

This is for you. We all love you so much. We all do.

I’m not certain who the intended recipient was (though I have a good idea) and it doesn’t really matter. It was just a really nice piece of writing.  A nice thing to see, right before bed.

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4 Responses to ““This is for you.””

  1. (smiling approvingly)

  2. Best night cap ever!

    (If I had a dollar for every time I read Danny and the Dinosaur [upper left corner], as BNL says, “I’d be rich.”)

  3. I can guess who this is for: a Mommy who really deserves it. Sophie is cute . . . and smart!

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