Second Grade in the Bag

posted Thursday May 26th, 2011

Earlier this week, Sophie’s teacher sent home a note asking that students bring a “sturdy” bag to school to pack up their stuff from second grade.

Yesterday was Christmas in May. Along with the random spelling tests and half-finished worksheets were several treasures. Like a haiku (I had to count the syllables to be sure) called “Winter”:

Santa brings me toys
Snow angels with Annabelle
We drink hot cocoa

And a sensory tribute to spring:

Spring looks like sun.
Spring sounds like birds chirping.
Spring feels hot as summer.
Spring smells like flowers.
Spring tastes like yummy pizza.

Looking through the bag, I have to admit I had the same feeling I had when Annabelle was in pre-school and brought home elaborate construction paper animals that would be challenging for a 10-year-old. (Busy teacher!) I sort of doubt that Sophie wrote a haiku unassisted. 

But I love that she was exposed to the process. And that yummy pizza line? All Sophie.  

I don’t want the year to end. This morning Sophie was out of  sorts. Her teacher and I followed her to the bench where she was prepared to plant herself instead of going into the classroom, and as we trudged through the gravel, I whispered to the teacher, “Don’t you think Sophie needs to repeat second grade?”

The teacher turned and grinned, but only for a moment. Her attention was on Sophie.

I love this teacher. She and Sophie fell for each other many years ago at a science fair at the school. Sophie’s got good taste. This woman’s an old soul with a lot of experience on top of it. And she absolutely adores my kid. That is how I felt about kindergarten and first grade, too, but I don’t have that feeling about any of the third grade teachers. It makes me nervous.  

It wasn’t an easy year. But looking back, it was a good one. We haven’t had a bad one yet, actually. We scrape by no matter what, and Sophie has learned and grown — in her own way. And she will next year, too.

That’s what I need to keep telling myself. I think I’ll hang a beautiful watercolor that Sophie (or someone) made in second grade on my inspiration wall as a reminder.

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3 Responses to “Second Grade in the Bag”

  1. She will learn and grow. She will learn and grow. She will learn and grow.

    Wow, that is the exact mantra I need to repeat to myself about MY youngest daughter. (The daughter who just completed her first year of college.)

    A timeless and universal mother prayer.

  2. Noan, as soon as I read that I had to go back and look up the lyrics to Edelweiss: “bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever.” Thank you.

  3. Well, it’s happening. 3rd grade next year woohoo! I’ve noticed now that kayli is going into 5th grade that there is a steady learning curve, much like the physical growth curve, on the chart it is slow and steady but at a slower pace – it’s own sweet time. But steady….

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