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Our Valentine

posted Monday February 14th, 2011

I’m a big believer in paper valentines — the kind that show up in your real mailbox, not your e-mail one – but since I don’t have your street address, I’ll have to send yours here.

This is our family creation, circa 2011. Annabelle drew it, I stitched it, Sophie (and the Beatles) came up with the quote. (And the fantastic Heather Hales did the card design; I hear she’s for hire, check her out.)

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends!



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Tags: Filed under: arts and crafts, family, holidays by Amysilverman

4 Responses to “Our Valentine”

  1. I’ll take a frame-able color copy. Damn that’s cute.

  2. I’m really glad it was everything you (& the girls) wanted in a Valentine! Thanks for sending me one!!

  3. I’m so honored!

    We all loved it.


  4. What a fantastic card! You are a wonderfully talented family!

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