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Sophie Shots

posted Friday August 20th, 2010

A while back I promised to share some of Sophie’s images, taken with my (“borrowed”) iPhone. Here are a few taken around the play room and living room on a hot Saturday afternoon. More to come, from other photo shoots.

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Tags: Filed under: arts and crafts, Down syndrome by Amysilverman

2 Responses to “Sophie Shots”

  1. These are fantastic!

  2. I was just telling Robrt that if I had a child (don’t worry) one of the first things I would give it (another reason why I should never be a parent – I always refer to children as “it”) would be a digital camera. We give children piano lessons. We make them do sports. Why not give them something early on that they will use the rest of their lives? Think of what a swell photographer you would be if you had years and years of experience. You would be the Venus Williams of photography. Also, how cool to be able to document your own experience of growing up.
    This has been a photographic public service announcement.

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