I snapped a quick photo of Sophie this morning at dance camp, thinking, “How cute!”

But then I took a good look at it and changed my mind. I thought, “Oh no, not again.”

I thought I was over this — but apparently not.

If I was fastidious about categorizing blog posts, as I know I should be (but to be honest I don’t really know why — damn blog etiquette, damn Search Engine Optimization) I’d put this post in a category entitled, “Examples of Why I’m Going to Hell.”

OK, OK, I’ll just say it. I don’t think a top hat is the best look for Sophie.

Like I said, I thought I was over this. Several years ago, I opined endlessly about why I don’t think Sophie should wear overalls. In a nutshell, it’s my personal opinion that people with developmental disabilities do not look good in overalls. Probably an “Of Mice and Men” thing. I don’t know.

I feel similarly about bow ties on women with intellectual challenges; this might be related to high-end grocery stores, which tend to put their workers in bow ties. I’m holding out hope for a job for Sophie beyond bagger — though if that’s what she really wants to do, that’s fine. But not in a bow tie.

I’d like to think that as Sophie and I have both matured, this feeling would have faded. But no, come to think of it, I’m still anti-overalls, and not so thrilled about bow ties.

And now I can add “top hat” to the list.

Like I said — straight to hell. Come to think of it, I have perfect timing, since the temperature in Phoenix is expected to reach 110 by Monday.

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3 Responses to “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Kids with Down syndrome Wear Top Hats”

  1. I think Sophie could rock a beret though!!!

  2. NO! She is the cutest person to show up in a top hat ever,,,,,development not withstanding. You can’t hold a star back!!

  3. Well, I think she looks cute but I think I know that feeling well. Certain things make me stop and pierce my perfect acceptance and then I see her through eyes of fear – you’re not going to hell but I know the guilt it engenders…. Hugs Amy. She’s beautiful! So Sophie, so spunky and she has a wonderful life because she is loved. Just like any other child – sometimes she’s not so pretty or so perfect….. the same as everyone else.

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