Best Third Grade Teacher Ever!

posted Tuesday May 4th, 2010

best teacher

I learned a very important lesson from my third grade teacher.

Before third grade, I had no idea what body odor was. But after a few months in Mrs. R.’s class, I realized that when I sat in the front of the class, it smelled funny. In the back of the class, not so much.

It was many years til I put together her polyester pant suits and the extreme heat to explain the funky scent, but I distinctly remember wrapping up third grade with some good knowledge in my pocket: Sometimes people smell.

That’s about all I remember from third grade. That, and that I barfed all over my desk once.

Annabelle is having a much different experience. Her teacher rocks — she’s engaging, energetic, kind, and she smells good. AB made her a little gift for Teacher Appreciation Week, out of a “twirly paper” kit I bought her in a weak moment last week. The gift is a replica of the teacher’s desk, complete with apple, pencil and fish tank.

It’s hard to make out the details in the photo, but all you really need to see is Annabelle’s smile.

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2 Responses to “Best Third Grade Teacher Ever!”

  1. I had an eighth grade teacher with the most enormous pit stains ever. He did not smell, oddly enough, but I’m amazed I learned anything that year. Anyway, I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I really meant to ask if your weak moment happened to be in Hobby Lobby?

  2. Hahahahaha — no, the weak moment actually occurred in Changing Hands Bookstore last week, mere moments before we bumped into you. I was determined to spend no more than $10 each — I even gave each girl $10 in cash to keep a lid on it. Somehow we wound up with that book, which I believe was $19.95. But I highly recommend it. I think Klutz makes it. You’d have hours of fun yourself, Todd — in fact, I’m tempted to buy you one.

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