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My Own Slow Media Movement

posted Tuesday December 15th, 2009


From the “now I’ve heard everything” category, a while ago there was a piece on Marketplace about the Slow Media Movement.

Like Slow Food, but with real mail and landlines. Of course, as the story admitted, the movement’s being promoted on Facebook. Ridiculous. 

But I will say that while I’ve become a texting/googling/emailing/multi-tasking fool, I do still enjoy the pleasures of snail mail.

Particularly at this time of year. Last week, someone who shall remain nameless (okay, it was my mother) sent me an e-card (to be fair, she’s also working on her real holiday cards) that I have to admit I still haven’t opened. I’m not down with evites, either, though I don’t mind if you are.

I lose my mind a little, around the holidays, and that includes sending out a lot of mail. I just finished up at the post office this morning, a very satisying feeling.

I’ll share a spoiler of sorts. Here’s the front of our holiday card. I broke the homemade rule and hired someone on etsy to design my holiday cards, after a fiasco involving the invitations to our annual cookie party.

I won’t recommend Vista Printing, though the price is right. (Quality not so high.) But I can’t say enough good things about Erica, the kind proprietor of the etsy shop sweetprints. I love what she did and her price was also very reasonable. Unfortunately, I just checked, and she’s closed her shop for the rest of the year, to spend time with her family.

But how about some real Valentines? Order soon and perhaps you can have them delivered by horse. Now, that would be slow media.

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One Response to “My Own Slow Media Movement”

  1. That is a divine card and I am totally stealing it next year! I, too, don’t love evite but I adore Paperless Post. Just did a pretty little girl’s night out invite and everyone who received it loved the functionality and lack of advertising (not to mention the clever design). Try it out next time you have a need to do the email invite thing — you’ll love it!

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