Happy October

posted Thursday October 1st, 2009


This morning was greeted before dawn and with great excitement.

It’s October.

The girls and I rolled around in bed and talked about Halloween costumes (Annabelle’s going to be a black poodle; Sophie’s still undecided, maybe Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba, or maybe a cat, or Cinderella to complement Ms. X’s Fairy Godmother costume — how perfect would that be?!) and the song “I Don’t Like Candy Corn”( which always plays on Noggin in October but now that Noggin has become Nick Jr., Annabelle is concerned they won’t play it).

(For the record, Annabelle and I both love candy corn. Sophie’s on the fence. Ray does not care for it. We have discussed trying to make some from scratch this year.)

And then talk turned to another October event, my birthday. When you are turning 43 you don’t need a reminder, but the girls love to discuss it. Annabelle asked for a countdown of days this morning. (It’s at the end of the month. I’ve got some time left to revel in 42 and get that “refreshing chemical peel” I’ve been planning on.)

I did get an early birthday present already (pictured above), from my dear friend Gilda.

The other day I told Gilda she’s magical, and I think that’s the best way to describe her.  She actually made this for me — I am so touched! — and even better, she’s teaching me how to embroider. I don’t ever expect to achieve her level of expertise and creativity, but I’m honored that she’d give me a shot, considering how uncoordinated I am. (She may not yet have realized that.)

In any case, Happy October.

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2 Responses to “Happy October”

  1. I love candy corn too! If you make some from scratch can you post the recipe?

  2. My birthday is actually on Halloween and I am turning 37 this year. Maybe we need to treat ourselves to a girls only birthday dinner later this month. Let’s schedule before your peel though, I hear you can look a little like road kill for a few days after:)

    Happy October to you too!

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