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“I am not a model citizen….”

posted Thursday August 13th, 2009

I pitched the guy at the public radio station a piece about my minivan crisis, but he didn’t bite. I think he thinks I write too much about my kids. (Really? Moi?!) Or maybe the piece sucked.

In any case, he wanted something related, so in a weak moment I made my latest confession — and that, he wanted.

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2 Responses to ““I am not a model citizen….””

  1. So, I thought it was funny and I totally agreed with you! You’d never find me on our metro… or whatever it’s called. I’m not even sure what it is here. But man, the commenters on the other site were harsh! Sheesh they need to lighten up a little!

  2. Loved this! And so very true. I don’t think it feels cool to take public transportation in any city but NYC (and even in NYC it doesn’t feel cool, more like, necessary.) When I am in Portland and I take the bus I just feel lame and pathetic. I know how bad that sounds.
    Ah, “Stand” by REM. SUCH a good song.
    PS. Are drive-thru coffee joints (in my case the dreaded DD) just the best invention ever?

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