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I am so grateful to Sophie’s teachers — past and present — and to everyone at her school (she pretty much knows them all by name!) for educating, enlightening and including my little girl.

Sometimes, knowing where to begin to say “thank you” can be tough.

As usual, Sophie gave me the best lesson when it came to a concrete example of gratitude, in the form of notes she wrote last night to her teachers. I gave her a stack of hot pink index cards, a fine-point Sharpie and a list, and asked her to write a note to each of her teachers. She’d had a more-than-full day, including homework and ballet class, but she complied happily, occupying herself at the kitchen table and leaving a pile I didn’t turn to till early this morning as I was furiously shoving salt water taffy and iTunes gift cards into bags.

Check out the note (photo above) that Sophie wrote to her Language Arts teacher:

“Thanks for teaching me all of those awesome things to me and reading The Outsiders. Sophie”

To the math teacher: “Thank you for teaching me all of math.”

And to her beloved aide, who has been with Sophie (but not necessarily by her side from third grade to seventh, and if you have any knowledge of how it’s supposed to work with a one-on-one aide you know what I mean): “Thank you for traveling with me from elementary school to this point.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The girl can write. I’m bursting with pride — and gratitude.




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4 Responses to ““Thank you for traveling with me from elementary school to this point.””

  1. I am always awestruck by Sophie. What an Awesome way to say thank you to her teachers!!!

  2. I can promise you, as a teacher, all these notes go in a special little box that we keep forever. Those notes keep us going. She is the sweetest, Amy. Child of a writer, indeed.

  3. love it and love being a cheerleader for this grand member of human kind . .Yeah!! xxxx sam

  4. Can I just second what KimAZ said?

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