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I have some news.

I wrote a book.

After Sophie was born, it took me a really long time to sort things out, and one of the ways I did it was by going back and reporting her story — our story, the story of what it means to have a kid with Down syndrome at the tip of the 21st century. I am lucky (incredibly, indescribably, amazingly lucky) enough to have an agent and a publisher (thanks, Jenny Bent! thanks, Susan Stokes and Woodbine House!) who gave me wonderful advice, guidance and editing — and ultimately let me do it the way I wanted.

So if it sucks, that’s on me.

It’s the book I wish I’d read before Sophie was born, the book I desperately needed once she was here. It’s a mix of journalism and memoir, and it’s about history, medicine, pop culture, friendship, genetics, education, sports, pre-natal testing — and love.

Sophie named the book and she’s super excited for it. I am, too. I haven’t said anything about it except to the friends and family who have heard about it non-stop (and if you think I’m kidding, ask them) and so I’m thrilled to make this announcement.

There will be a launch party at Changing Hands in Tempe on May 1, and more events to come. I’ll announce them here and at my new web site,

I’ve had this little blog for many years (eight in May!) and I’ve never decided just exactly whom the girl in the party hat is. Usually it’s Sophie, but sometimes it’s me. Ditto for the title of this book — she said the words — but when I think about my wonderful family and how lucky I am to get to tell our story, my heart can’t even believe it, either.

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25 Responses to “My Heart Can’t Even Believe It: A Story of Science, Love, and Down Syndrome”

  1. Mazel tov, Amy! You make my heart smile… Look forward to celebrating with you;-)

  2. except I CAN believe it . .we’ve been cheering for all you since day 1 and knew this book was in your heart . .. congrats on being courageous enough to tell the story honestly and celebrate it passionately xx sam

  3. Congratulations!

    I am honored to have known you and your daughter and hope that you come up to Portland, OR to promote your book at Powell’s Bookstore so I can meet you again. Maybe they will even permit you an interview on NPR :)

    I have been following your blog for the past 5 years, ever since I left Phoenix, AZ and recommend it to inspire other Mom’s that have children with special needs.

    As a previous Home health OT for Sophie, I am unsure if you remember me…the one with the British accent! But you (Sophie & family) were an important part of my life and still have a place in my heart (even if via your blog). Your attitude has had a lasting impact – many thanks for permitting me to be a part of the journey.

    I look forward to reading your book and sharing it with my colleagues and families.

    Best wishes,

    Sally-Ann Defriez, OTR/L

  4. Congratulations on such an accomplishment! Looking forward to reading it!

  5. Congratulations. Even though I’ve been following your blog for a number of years I look forward to seeing the stories revised. edited or not in book form.

    There is no doubt in my mind that there are many (in addition to friends and family) that will appreciate your gift of giving.


  6. Can’t wait to read it. It will be eminently readable and the story will no doubt leave me tearful. Your daughters are both so special. It was a joy for me to have met them.

  7. Oh my gosh OF COURSE I remember you! We are still looking for an OT half as good as you! So great to hear from you!!!! I’m going to track you down so we can catch up. xo

  8. I knew this would happen you special lady. Congratulation!

  9. Amy, I am so excited for you and Sophie and Annabelle! Congratulations on what I know must be a wonderful, heartfelt book. You’re a wonderful storyteller, and can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed out loud about your posts and Sophie’s philosophical take on the world. Save me a copy!

  10. Mazel tov, Amy! I so look forward to reading your book.

  11. I am so PROUD of you!!! I can’t wait to read it and order copies to share!

  12. I’ve been a longtime reader and fan of your blog since my son Calder was born almost six years ago. Thank you for writing it. I can’t wait to read your book!

  13. Looking forward to reading this book and recommending it to our families.

    I have the privilege to work with many adults in Alabama.

  14. Can you do a national book tour? Can you stop in Iowa?! I will pay – big bucks – for a signed copy. That said, however, you must include both your signature.. and Ms. Sophie’s. Nothing less will do. I am EXCITED for you and for Sophie. Can’t WAIT to get my hands on this and share with everyone I know. <3

  15. I have been reading your blog for four years. I love your writing, your storytelling, your humor and, though I don’t know her personally, I love your Sophie. I can’t wait for your book release. Congrats!

  16. Big job. Big accomplishment. Happy for you.

  17. Congratulations Amy! A friend spoke highly of you a few years ago and I was curious. I started reading your blog. It is heartwarming, inspirational and a joy to read. Looking forward to reading your book.

  18. Congratulations!

    I’ve been a reader and occasional commenter on your blog since becoming a mom to an amazing girl with DS almost two years ago. I really appreciate the honesty and warmth in your writing, and eagerly look forward to reading the book!

  19. I am SO EXCITED for this book! Congratulations Amy-and family!! I cannot wait to read this, yay, yay, Yay!! I’m doing a virtual happy dance for you.

  20. Kudos! So excited to read it!

  21. So very excited to read it! Kudos to you!

  22. I recently found your blog after much Internet searching. I had a prenatal diagnosis of down syndrome for my daughter who is now 3 months old. I reallly have struggled with accepting her diagnosis. I appreciate how you write about your daughter and I will look forward to reading your book

  23. Hi Amy. Having known your beautiful family and the amazing Ms. Sophie, I am very excited to rad the book. way to go!!!!!

  24. I am excited at the prospect of reading this book. If you’d like to do a reading out of state, Eagle Harbor Books is a community bookstore on Bainbridge Island!!! Mazel Tov!!! Hope this book is a great success!!!

  25. Congratulations, Amy! I went right to the Changing Hands site and pre-ordered a copy. I can’t wait to read it.

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