Thank You, Broadmor Elementary School

posted Friday May 30th, 2014


For many years, I wrote about Sophie’s school without naming it. Now that she’s finished there — moving on to junior high — I have no reason to keep the name a secret — and every reason to tell you what a fabulous place it is. Was. Is — for lots of kids. Not for Sophie, not anymore. School’s been out for a week and I still can’t think hard about it without blinking back tears.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance for several years to chronicle Sophie’s adventures on KJZZ, the Phoenix National Public Radio affiliate. I did a commentary about Sophie’s first day at Broadmor Elementary School.

And I did a commentary about her last day there, too. Three minutes wasn’t nearly enough time to express my gratitude — but I hope I made my point.

Here are each of the pieces:

Sophie’s First Day of Elementary School

Sophie’s Last Day of Elementary School 


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