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posted Tuesday December 17th, 2013


Over the years, I’ve written a bit about Sophie’s fashion choices. Namely that I want to be the one making them — that a kid with Down syndrome has enough challenges without a tacky outfit (or a top hat, or overalls, or a sailor suit, or — okay, I’ll stop).

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But lately I’ve caved. I admit that mostly that’s because she wears me out but also because I think Sophie should be able to express herself through what she wears. It’s important to her. Because she never grows (only a slight exaggeration) the kid has more clothes than anyone I know (as the smallest, she gets all the hand me downs) and she likes to wear them. Sometimes two or three outfits a day. It’s hard to keep up — so sometimes, I let it go, let her risk a goofy outfit.

Like this morning. I was getting ready myself and challenged Sophie to be dressed by the time I got out of the shower. For once, she was into the idea. First she brought me her choice for shoes: a pair of Toms espadrilles. Well, sort of a pair. Two shoes from different pairs.

I stared hard at the shoes, looked at Sophie’s excited face, and made a decision.

“I love it!” I told her. “You know, Sophie, I wouldn’t have thought to do that but it looks adorable. Go for it.”

She beamed. And greeted me a few minutes later, clothed head to toe. Again, her choices were a little more out there than usual — shorts (forecast is 78 today), mismatched striped socks with the Toms, a knit scarf around her neck, a lace top over a striped tee.  Cute. Well, sort of.

“Hey Mommy, will you put tape around my glasses?” Sophie asked, holding them out.

Then I remembered, finally. Today is Nerd Day, Day 2 of Spirit Week at school.

Suddenly, it all made sense. And I couldn’t have been prouder of Sophie’s style.


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4 Responses to “Nerd Alert”

  1. Sophie’s outfit actually resembles a photo from one of my recent Anthropologie catalogs. Pose her on a steppe with a yak in the background and a table set for eight in the foreground, and tell her assume a blank expression while staring off into the middle distance. Suddenly, she’s an Anthro. model!

  2. Well done Sophie!!! Love it:)

  3. I am laughing at Sarah C.’s comment. SO TRUE!

    I’m also very impressed with her knowledge that tape = nerd. That’s quite sophisticated information if you ask me!

    I’ve decided that kid fashion is not a hill I want to die on. I kind of get a kick out of the really outlandish outfits.

  4. oh sarah c., how did you know about my anthropologie obsession (well, who isn’t, right?)? that made my day. particularly the part about the yak.

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