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Nine Things I Love About Sophie

posted Monday May 21st, 2012

Dear Sophie:

Happy birthday! I cannot believe that you are 9 today (even though we have been talking about your birthday for months) and some days, I cannot believe that I am your mom. Or that I am a mom at all. I am so lucky. Also tired and exasperated — and sometimes not as nice as I should be. But more than anything, I am happy. I love you, my beautiful girl. I hope you know that. Just in case, in honor of your birthday here are nine things I love about you (a twist on our family tradition):

1. I love your butt. I cannot believe that I created a person with such an awesome butt. (Daddy and your physical therapist do get some credit there.)

2. I love that you love Chinese food as much as I do.

3. I love that when you are dancing on the big stage, you always make sure to give a little wave.

4. I love to watch you run.

5. I love that you seem to know instinctively when somebody needs you to crawl on their lap.

6. I love listening to you sing Adele songs.

7. I love that you tell me, “Mommy, I love you too much.”

8. I love falling asleep with you — and waking up with you, too, even though you are a morning person and I am not.  

9. I love that even though you were disappointed this morning that you didn’t get McKenna, the American Girl doll of the year, and even though we didn’t have time before school to go out for bagels or play a board game, and even though I couldn’t find the purple dress you wanted to wear and we were out of Carnation Instant Breakfast and I wouldn’t let you call your best friend at 6 a.m., you still told me it was “the best birthday I ever had” after I let you get extra whipped cream on your Starbucks drink.

And I love the fact that even though you aren’t on Facebook, everybody seems to know that it’s your birthday. 

I cheated — that’s 10. One to grow on.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Girl in a Party Hat. She’s 4 today.

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13 Responses to “Nine Things I Love About Sophie”

  1. Happy Birthday Sophie.

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie!

  3. Awesomeness. On the party of the mommy and the girly.

  4. Happy birthday! Can’t wait to hear about your 9-year-old adventures.

  5. It’s simply divine to be nine. Especially if you are Sophie. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Sophie !

  7. Love this post. Happy birthday to your fabulous kid and blog!

  8. happy Birthday Sophie and to you too Amy since it is partly your birth too!

  9. Happy Birthday Sophie!

  10. I’m teary (SHOCK!!!). What a wonderful list.
    Happy birthday Sophie! (And Happy Birthday, Amy). I always think moms get a little credit on kid birthdays too.

  11. Great post for your birthday girl. My Grandma used to say, “The days crawl, but the years they do fly”. I find my children’s birthdays to be so bittersweet. Pride, love and happiness, tinged with melancholy for a mama that misses the innocent neediness of babyhood. Happy Birthday to Sophie!

  12. My daughter just turned 9 on Saturday, and your list could have been written by me. 9 year old likes, dislikes and attributes, must be pretty universally consistent!

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