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The Hipstamatic Flu

posted Sunday January 15th, 2012

This morning Sophie asked for a Justin Bieber “mixed CD.” Things improved this afternoon when she asked me to read her some poems from a falling-apart copy of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” so old it has my sister’s name in the front, her maiden name written in little kid script.

We read a few, then Sophie announced she was going to write her own poem. She dictated exactly what you read here; it’s about her best friend, Sarah, who is scheduled (last minute illnesses notwithstanding) to come over later today.

“Sarah Was Going to Sophie’s and Then She Got Sick”
(by Sophie with apologies to Shel Silverstein)

I can’t go to school said Sarah T.
I have the bumps! I have purple measles!
My stomach has the flu!
Because I have the measles and the bumps.
I have the mumps, the purple bumps.
My tongue is up to my nose!
My mouth’s up to my nose,
My stomach has the Hipstamatic flu.
My tongue is in my eye.
My left eye has broke it.
My right eye is blind.
I can’t help it because Sarah has the flu and the bumps.
I can’t go to Sophie’s house because I am sick because I am sick because I have a flu in my head so I can’t go to school or to Sophie’s house too.
I can’t help it because Sophie’s house is so awesome.
She loves the rock wall.
My head hurts. I have the stomach flu, the Hipstamatic flu.
Sarah is so sick that she couldn’t come to school or Sophie’s house.
I can’t help it because Sarah has the flu!
Oh no, said Sarah. I can’t go to Sophie’s house because I am so sick, because she is so sick that she can’t come.

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2 Responses to “The Hipstamatic Flu”

  1. “Hipstamatic Flu.” Outta the mouths of bages….
    Sophie, I’m thrilled that you and I see eye-to-eye about Hipstamatic. It is indeed pathologic.

  2. oops. babes.

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