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The (Costume) Road Less Traveled.

posted Monday October 31st, 2011

Turns out, it was the year of the unrecognized costume.

Ray got home late tonight. “Hey, get your fox costume on!” I said. I was already in my Felicity Fox get-up.

“Oh, I thought I’d wear the Spiderman costume from last year,” Ray said. “The Fantastic Mr. Fox shirt is in the laundry.”

“No unitard!” Annabelle commanded. That was that. The shirt appeared, the fox mask went on. I don’t think Ray was worried so much about wearing a dirty shirt as not being recognized. We all had that problem this year.

Annabelle’s devil costume was easy to get, but did you notice from the photo she’s actually a hippie devil? I’m not sure where that came from.

And Sophie. Sophie’s costume was the piece de resistance — we came up with the idea months ago, loved it for its simplicity and perfection. Fit her to a t. Except no one knew what she was. Can you tell?

A paintbrush.

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