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24 Things We Love About Courtney

posted Saturday October 29th, 2011

Typically in our family, we reserve our “Things We Love” lists for Big Birthdays, so I figured our beloved friend and sitter Courtney would get hers next year when she turns 25.

Sophie had other plans.

She just dictated her list of 24 things she loves about Courtney. I was asked to insert a few, as well, so I did — I could easily go to 100.

“Send it to her — she will laugh,” Sophie said. So here you go, Courtney. Happy birthday!

24 Things We Love About Courtney

1. Courtney is nice.
2. Courtney has a good sense of style.
3. Courtney is a good fashion model.
4. Courtney is a good person.
5. Courtney is the best person I ever had.
6. Courtney is the fabulous person I ever seen.
7. Courtney is a good person.
8. Courtney likes to play hide and seek.
9. Courtney loves her daughter Sophie. (“Mom, just write!”)
10. Courtney is the best person.
11. Courtney is a human being.
12. Courtney is a good sense of human being.
13. Courtney is good with a glue gun.
14. Courtney is good to glue bottle caps on my swim suit.
15. Courtney loves Sophie.
16. Courtney is the best daughter.
17. Courtney keeps her cool.
18. Courtney is a good sister to Julie Funk.
19. Courtney is the best person.
20. I love her.
21. So much.
22. That I can’t believe.
23. Courtney is the best thing.
24. Courtney is good at going to Pump It Up.

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3 Responses to “24 Things We Love About Courtney”

  1. “Courtney is a good sense of human being,” and “Courtney loves Sophie.” Ahhhhhhhh. <3

  2. Yes she is!!! And also very lucky to have such a wonderful family like yours in her life!

  3. Like you, I could easily go to 100 and beyond about what I love about Courtney. I teared up when I read this list, because as Courtney’s oldest sister, I couldn’t be more proud. While compliments like being a “good fashion model” or “good with a glue gun” are always nice to hear, Sophie has nailed it on what makes Courtney such an amazing person. She has a “good sense of human being” and is a good daughter, sister and friend. To me, there is no greater compliment. Thanks for loving my sister…I know she loves you all right back!

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