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BFFs Gone Wild on Spring Break

posted Wednesday March 23rd, 2011

Remember when you were a kid and you had a friend over and you begged your mom for an overnight? Then more play the next day? And then for the friend to stay for dinner again? For some reason, those memories for me are always accompanied by the memory of being sunburned — probably because so many vacations and weekends were spent in the pool.

It was the best, those endless hours that melted into days and nights, with your BFF by your side. That was Sophie’s spring break last week. Annabelle’s, too — she had plenty of play dates with good friends — but particularly for Sophie, who had her “B,” Sarah.

Last week, Sophie had her very first overnight ever — at Sarah’s house. Two nights later, Sarah spent the night at our house, then stayed through the day, and Ray and I took the girls to dinner while Annabelle spent the night at another friend’s house (like I said, it was that kind of vacation). We went to Joe’s Crab Shack, which grossed me out but the girls and Ray were thrilled — and I got a big margarita. Side by side in their bibs, the girls practically melted into each other, sipping lemonade and picking at their seafood baskets. So happy.

After dinner, the girls begged for another overnight, but Sarah’s mom and I decided we better quit while we were ahead.  I’m sure Sarah and Sophie will hold us to our promise of a sleepover soon.

I can’t wait.

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2 Responses to “BFFs Gone Wild on Spring Break”

  1. love.

  2. I fondly remember those run-on playdates! The sweetest part was asking if you sleep over and hearing “yes” from the moms!!!

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