The Girl in the Purple Pants, Part Two

posted Monday August 23rd, 2010

Now presenting: the girl in the purple pants.

Yesterday I finally sorted (and tossed much of) all the paper from first and third grade, which is good, since we are officially into the third week of second and fourth grade. I made it to the bottom of Annabelle’s third grade backpack (accidentally ran some ancient raisins through the washing machine — gross!) and re-discovered the surface of the dining room table.

Sophie made havoc wherever she could, which was fine since it looked like a school locker (or five) exploded in the kitchen. The messier the merrier. All of which is to say that it took me a while to realize she’d unearthed the purple pants from one of the many baskets sitting around.

Ah, those purple pants. I don’t think I ever told you what ultimately happened with the cute — but totally impractical — snap/zip-style pants Sophie chose for the first day of school. At the last minute, I subbed them out with a pair of elastic-waist, cotton purple pants, and amazingly, she didn’t complain. I’m not sure she realized. She looked adorable.

But not as adorable, I must admit, as she looked in those original pants. She was already dressed for the day (highlight: buying her a real twin-sized bed, we’re ditching the Ikea piece of junk, which has what looks like a mini-pad for a mattress) but pulled off her skirt when she found the pants. She did have to ask for help with the snap and zipper, I was right, so these will have to be Weekend Pants.

She looked so cute, and she was so proud. Check her out.

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2 Responses to “The Girl in the Purple Pants, Part Two”

  1. I love the purple pants. I did my back to school shopping at Goodwill this year. I’d love for you to come visit me at my blog
    Hope to see you at Changing Hands.

  2. TOO cool for school!

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