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Waiting for Tallulah Fairbanks

posted Wednesday June 16th, 2010

Yesterday I stuck my hand in Sophie’s mouth, and guess what?

Four loose teeth. Including  the one in front of the shark tooth. Phew. Now if those little suckers can just hang on til the stationery arrives for Tallulah Fairbanks, Sophie’s tooth fairy.

Sophie informs me that she actually has seven loose teeth (her favorite number, to match her age) and that she’s quite certain her tooth fairy is named Olivia, but I’m continuing the TF tradition we started with Annabelle. I think she’ll be pleased when she finds the purple note under her pillow.

Most days I feel like the my family is indulging my tooth fairy thing (certainly Ray is). And I know you are, dear readers.

But last night at the dinner table Annabelle announced with great sincerity that Tabitha (that would be Tabitha Fairchild) is one of her best friends. And for a moment, all was right in my silly little world.

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2 Responses to “Waiting for Tallulah Fairbanks”

  1. annabelle, in her infinite wisdom, can make anything alright.

  2. hmmm, so you think she was shining me on, Mom?

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