70 Things We Love About Papa

posted Monday March 15th, 2010

My poor mother. Today is my father’s birthday. Let’s just say he has not been his most pleasant self of late — or so I hear. Perhaps getting past the day will help.

He’s not a gift kind of guy, so my sister Jenny and I — and our families — continued a tradition Jenny started on my 40th birthday. (That’s still my favorite gift, ever, Jen!)

We came up with a list of things we all love about Papa. Frankly, Sophie saved the day, with some gems like, “Papa is my valentine.” We all had fun, even my nephew, toddler Sam, contributed.

If you don’t know him, some of these might not make sense (they might  make sense even if you do know him) but you’ll get the idea. (Formatting is weird — I did the first half, Jenny the second.) Please steal it for your next birthday gift.

Happy birthday Dad! And don’t worry — no surprise party. Really.

70 Things We Love About Papa

1. Papa found Gaga.

2. Papa is my Valentine.

3. Papa is handsome.

4. Papa is a Wild and Crazy Guy.

5. Papa has a freckle in the middle of his bottom lip.

6. Papa has hair that does not do well in the rain.

7. Papa loves the song La Bamba.

8. Papa gives good hugs.

9. Papa runs our lights.

10. Papa once drove a Porsche.

11. Papa likes James Bond.

12. Papa knows how to hypnotize people.

13. Papa once water skiied on the canal.

14. Papa has big, warm hands.

15. Papa loves Girl Scout cookies.

16. Papa is a Democrat in his heart.

17. Papa is beautiful.

18. Papa likes to gossip. (But don’t tell anyone.)

19. Papa is very modest.

20. Papa likes an aisle seat.

21. Papa comes to the beach with us.

22. Papa is strong.

23. Papa likes me.

24. Papa likes to read the newspaper.

25. Papa hits birdies.

26. Papa likes to talk with Daddy.

27. Papa loves cuddling with Sophie.

28. Papa is the leader.

29. Papa is a good dancer.

30. Papa drives a big (but green) automobile.

31. Papa is very precise.

32. Papa likes disco.

33. Papa has a serious interest in the weather.

34. Papa loves his Flagstaff deck.

35. Papa loooooves Gaga.

36. Papa is a good golfer.
37. Papa is married to Gaga.
38. Papa is Mommy’s dad.
39. Papa loves television.
40. Papa wears a Duke sweatshirt.
41. Papa likes to nap.
42. Papa lives in Phoenix.
43. Papa gives high fives.
44. Papa likes to read.
45. Papa smiles when he sees us.
46. Papa is smart.
47. Papa is a good dancer.
48. Papa works in a big building.
49. Papa takes us to the beach.
50. Papa is not too loud.
51. Papa picks us up at the airport.
52. Papa has a comfy lap.
53. Papa has a hybrid.
54. Papa has brown hair (well — he used to).
55. Papa has blue eyes.
56. Papa has brown skin.
57. When Papa is ready to go – he’s ready to go.
58. Papa can talk in front of an audience.
59. Papa is Annabelle and Sophie’s papa, too!
60. Papa sleeps on the couch.
61. Papa lets us play the wii on his television.
62. Papa is grandpa-saurus’s son.
63. Papa eats chocolate.
64. Papa wears a baseball hat.
65. Papa likes Duke.
66. Papa only laughs if it’s REALLY funny.
67. Papa doesn’t yell.
68. Papa throws a ball.
69. When Papa snores we can hear him a mile away!
70. Papa doesn’t mind when we change the Golf Channel to Sesame Street.

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2 Responses to “70 Things We Love About Papa”

  1. Wow – the BEST present ever – should change his mood right away!

  2. Happy Birthday Papa!

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