Sarah Palin aside, I’m with Whoopi. This is not funny. Neither is this.

Now, if I was a. a regular viewer of Family Guy and/or b. not the parent of a child with Down syndrome, I might find it hilarious. But i doubt it.

Be honest. Have I lost my sense of humor?

I’ll reserve further comment — for now.

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8 Responses to “Family Guy “Down syndrome Girl” Episode — What Am I Missing?”

  1. I’m with Whoopi, too. Though I don’t think any of the clips were even remotely funny, I have to appreciate the fact that here in the US we can say crap like this on public television without being arrested, waterboarded or cattle prodded. And what it has done is open a dialogue about special needs and politics and hypocrisy (witness Palin’s first reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s use of the term “retarded”).

  2. For what it’s worth, I didn’t think it was funny. I’ve never watched the show and this is the only clip I’ve seen.

  3. Nope. Not funny.

  4. Not my kind of funny… but not appalling either, for Family Guy anyway. They did not use the R word. So aside from not being funny, I don’t get what all the fuss is about. And I am usually a hard a$$ about these things… a real mama bear. But on this one, I see it more as trying to get a rise out of SP than anything insulting to our kids.

  5. I’m with TUC, not funny, but I wasn’t offended, really. not any MORE offended than I am by any episode of that show. I think I’m mostly with Joy Behar on this one, as much as this pains me.

  6. actually, whoopi, too. her last point is a good one.

  7. Sarah Palin’s qualifications as an advocate for Down Syndrome are probably about the same as her qualifications for being Vice President. She’s done more harm than help. And it’s the families and children affected by DS that have to suffer the backlash. Would family guy make fun of DS if not for her? Well…maybe, but she certainly does tend to bring a negative light to the subject. Either way, the episode was not funny, but then again most of their episodes aren’t, in my opinion.

  8. [...] about Sarah Palin. As Stacey eloquently put it in the comments on the previous post, the thing that’s so infuriarting is not that the Family Guy folks decided to make fun of [...]

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