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A cure for Down syndrome?

posted Monday January 11th, 2010

Earlier today, Cheri — a wise mom and beautiful blogger — forwarded the link to Lisa Belkin’s post on the New York Times Web site, about the possibility of a cure for Down syndrome.


On a day I ate popcorn at my desk for lunch, I’m way too busy to thoroughly digest that kind of food for thought. But it’s got me thinking, that’s for sure….

Thanks, Cheri. I think.

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One Response to “A cure for Down syndrome?”

  1. Fist of all it does not cite a “cure” just memory boosting via medication (same as antidepressants) – nothing new there I think. Very misleading….
    Second- that is a complex question. I guess it depends how unhappy the parent or child’s life is because of Down Syndrome. There is a wide range of IQ and functionality in the world for too many causes, mostly unknown variations on our theme -believe me because I work with them all every day. Because Down Syndrome comes in a neat diagnostic package it is easy to over focus on. The facts are you could have a child with complex neuro cognitive deficits and not even know it until they are way past any intervention – no label for that, just a behaviorally out of control kid for hard to understand reasons. As a Mom with a child who is happy and with whom I am happy- I’d like to see her be as healthy and best she can be and be happy but that does not automatically mean I would change her having Down Syndrome. But it certainly is something that takes time to digest and I’ve had ten years to!
    PS- Did you read some of those awful comments? Geesh….

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