Cake Walk

posted Thursday October 22nd, 2009

cake walk1

Who doesn’t love a cake walk?

One of my fondest elementary school memories (it’s already been established that I was a pissy child, but I do have a few fond memories) is of the cake walk at the Hopi Hullabaloo, the school carnival held each spring, always eagerly anticipated.

Annabelle and Sophie’s school carnvial takes place in the fall, and this year Ms. X had exciting news: We are allowed to bake our own cakes for the cake walk. The Draconian requirements that all school snacks be store bought and individually wrapped (say goodbye to the classic Bake Sale) seem to be loosening.

Yes, it’s right in time for Swine Flu season, I thought of that, too. (And on that note, I pitched a fit when I realized that Annabelle is supposed to share a recorder with other third graders. Um, GROSS. I already talked to the principal; we’ll buy our own $10 recorder, thank you, and how about a note home ahead next time, offering such an option, before the first spit swap?! Anti-bacterial sanitizer, my ass.) 

Back to the cakes. I’m not so worried about germs. Really, who actually eats a cake they win at a cake walk? It’s meant to be thrown at your friends or snatched by your mom and tossed in the garbage when you’re not looking. Plus, we’ve been over this: Fondant is really not edible. Not in a good way.

So Ms. X came over for dinner and the evening routine last night (I love watching her do homework with Sophie — it’s amazing to see what she draws out of her) and then we decorated cakes. By the end, Ms. X was filled with ideas of other cakes she can’t wait to make.

“A & A Cakes has a new decorator!” Annabelle announced.

Watch out, Duff.

cake walk2

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4 Responses to “Cake Walk”

  1. I’ve never heard of a cake walk. It’s like a bake sale, but just for cakes?

    the recorder sharing is NASTY.

  2. A cake walk is a game at a carnival. Up to 12 people in a session. The person who is running it begins playing music. The participants walk around in a circle until they hear the music stop. Then they stand on one of the numbers that are around the circle. The person running cake walk pick a number from a can and whoever is on that number wins a cake. They get to pick which cake they want. Such a fun event!!! I volunteer to run the cake walk for the first shift each year and look forward to seeing my students and past students participate!!

    Had a wonderful night with you Amy, Annabelle, and Sophie!!!

  3. Oh, someone beat me to the question! Sounds like fun! Beautiful cakes!

  4. [...] was worried because word was out that I’d criticized my girls’ school for allowing the third graders to share recorders during a flu [...]

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