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Good thing I was off eating tofu last night with my dear friend Trish, because I’m a big chicken when it comes to the kids taking risks.

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing Annabelle scamper to the top of the wall at the rock gym around the corner from our house, but I wasn’t prepared for the email that popped up as I was getting ready to leave Trish’s last night. The subject line was: “Sophie can climb” but on the small iPhone screen it looked like that was Annabelle halfway up the wall.

Everyone was alseep by the time I got home.

“Hey!” I stage whispered, and Ray rolled over. “That wasn’t Sophie in that photo, was it?!”

“Yes!” And back to sleep he went. This morning he offered more photographic proof, taken by Annabelle while he belayed the world’s newest rock climber. Up until last night, Sophie would do one move (which would get her about three inches off the ground) and stop. Last night was a breakthrough. I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the pictures.

climb 2aa

climb 2b

climb cclimb2

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12 Responses to “Our 6-yr-old with Down syndrome can climb better than your kid.”

  1. look at her go! that’s awesome.

  2. (does that really say “beginner death” on the bottom? that’s a little freaky)

  3. That rocks!

  4. Whoa,,, incredible! I bet she likes the monkey bars too!

  5. GO Sophie GO!!!!

  6. I’m a friend of Janice’s and she sent me this link. I was out for lunch one day this summer when I ran into Janice and Sophie. Janice had already told me so much about your daughter and I was so excited to meet her. She’s the friendliest, funniest, and most adorable little girl I’ve ever met. Naturally, we became instant friends! I just wanted to share that with you and let you know what an impression Sophie made on me in our 15 minutes of being BFFs.

  7. Awesome! Go, Sophie!

  8. Cate stole my idea…but I’ll say it anyway:

    Sophie rocks!!!

    And I’m with you. I’d totally rather be eating (was it Thai?) than watching my kids defy gravity. Big chicken here, too (I know, what a shock!).

  9. You rock out LOUD Sophie!!! She is even looking down and still going up. I could learn a lot about bravery from this chickie.

  10. Rock on, Sophie!!!

  11. The sky is the limit for that kid!!

  12. That is AWESOME!!!! Sophie is fearless.

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