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A School Day in the Life of Ms. (Sophie’s Last Name)

posted Wednesday September 16th, 2009

Miss Y emailed this afternoon:
I know you’ll appreciate this-today in math we were creating our own subtraction sentences and pictures to illustrate the math process. When Sophie came to share hers with me (8 elmos and 6 went away, 2 were still there), I noticed something new….at the top of the page, where I usually see Sophie, I saw “Ms. (SOPHIE’S LAST NAME)” written instead :)
In other news, I am using a jar with popsicle sticks that have the children’s names on them so that everyone gets a fair chance to have a turn writing on the board or etc.I pick a stick and then leave it out so that everyone has a turn throughout the day to come up to the board, participate in a game or play,etc.
During math tub time, I noticed Sophie had the jar in her cubby and when I asked her about it, she told me she needed it for her classroom at home when she plays school :). So, I let her know that we need to keep our jar here, but I have extra popsicle sticks if you would like me to send them home, just let me know. 
Have a great night!
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