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Weekend Pursuits

posted Monday August 17th, 2009

photo booth

Along with all sorts of other childish delights, Smeeks — the cool new candy store in central Phoenix — features a photo booth. The girls and I took advantage Saturday. (We’ll have to go back and figure out where the camera lens is. Whoops.)

We also shopped for fondant (turns out you can buy it pre-made — phew!) and later this week we’ll be searching for our inner “Cake Boss”. (If you haven’t seen it on TLC, it’s a must-view — in our house, anyway. Comes on just after “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” which I swear I’m going to stop watching.)

And I spent a great deal of time shoving stuff in Rubbermaid containers and finding places to shove them. We swam, Annabelle had a playdate, Ray took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese while I saw “Julie and Julia”.  Busy, busy.

It won’t surprise you, then, to learn that at, oh, I’d say approximately 8:10 this morning (about 20 minutes before we absolutely-positively-otherwise-we’ll-get-late-slips have to get out the door) Annabelle announced, in a panic, that she had not done her homework.

She praticed piano while I showered then challenged Sophie to put her shoes and socks on before I could get dressed (she won!), then remarkably, Annabelle made it through all 9 letters of her name, decorating each on a page provided by the teacher. Phew.

We didn’t get the 20 minutes of reading homework in, but tomorrow’s another day.

annabelle letters

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