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They Invited Everybody…

posted Friday May 15th, 2009

…and everybody came.

I don’t know if the latter will hold true, but the former certainly is. Sophie’s entire class is invited to her birthday party tomorrow. No matter what she tells you.

Yesterday afternoon — after the local NPR commentary I did about her birthday was long in the can — my friend Vicki (mother of Anyssa, a classmate of Sophie’s) texted after school:

So, I talked to your daughter and asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she told me that I couldn’t go to her party and I asked her why? And she said because I was a boy! But it’s ok for Anyssa to go! But she gave me a kiss said bye!

Whoops. Someone clearly needed to have another talk with Sophie. In fact, I better go. I see that Ms. X just called.

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5 Responses to “They Invited Everybody…”

  1. Happy Birthday Sophie! Hope it’s a fun one.

  2. I just listened to your radio commentary. Tears are streaming down my face. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing and may Sophie have the best birthday of all.

  3. I can’t believe I caught this piece in *real time* on the radio this morning! :) Today’s the big party!!!

  4. but who sings the song? I’ve been looking all day!

  5. Sorry! Ambrosia Parsley sings the song; it’s on “For the Kids Too,” a comp of indie musicians doing kid music.

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