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posted Thursday March 19th, 2009


Last night, our household’s attention was focused on making on the horse for the kindergarten rodeo, which was due this morning.

But I did devote some time to a surreptious search for Piglet. No luck.

It wasn’t til she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth before bed that Sophie stopped like a light bulb had gone off over her head, opened the lid of the step stool (why does that step stool have a lid– it drives me crazy, I’m getting rid of it, I never think to look in there!), and pulled out you-know-who.

Big grins all around.

“What was she doing in there?” I asked as Sophie climbed up to brush.

“Piglet take a bath.”

“OK,” I answered, eyeing Piglet’s gray grossness and planning a real one soon. “She looks good. Let’s get to bed.”

But even a good night’s sleep with the favored pig failed to alter what I later learned has been a couple days of bad behavior.

“Boy, was she ornery!” Dorcas, the physical therapist announced, emerging from Sophie’s room this morning just in time for us to hop in the car and get to school.

Sophie stuck her tongue out at Dorcas.

I was horrified. Dorcas hopped in her own car and sped away.

I shook the mood — at least temporarily – by blaring “Baby You Can Drive My Car” — currently Sophie’s favorite Beatles song — as loud as I could, for the short drive to school.

“I’m going to sing!” Annabelle announced. Normally that makes Sophie mad — in the car she tells us both to be quiet, and not to dance either! — but this morning I turned up the volume and sang my heart out. Annabelle did, too. By the time we got to the stop light (half way there) both girls were cracking up, manning their own pretend steering wheels and singing.

The song ended just as we pulled into a parking spot, and we proudly carried “Sophie Belle” the horse into school — where Ms. X informed me that yesterday Sophie pulled a sticker off one friend’s chest for no reason, and crumpled the paper of another. She got a time out and cried and then was better.

Third day back from spring break, Ms. X explained. She had a lot of melt downs yesterday. I hope today’s better.

If not, I highly recommend an impromptu Beatles dance party.

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  1. I’m so glad Piglet has been found.

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