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The Tooth Fairy's Personalized Stationery

posted Saturday September 6th, 2008

It’s hard to make out the writing, given the pale pink, but the above is Tabitha Fairchild’s new stationery — card on top, envelope with seal on the bottom. I think it turned out rather nicely, which is why I wanted to give a shout out to the seller,, who made it for me. (And shipped it so promptly it made it here in time for Annabelle’s fourth tooth, even though I don’t think anyone had ever asked the chick to make stationery for a tooth fairy before. I was shocked. Good business idea.)

I got writer’s cramp tonight. The questions, this time:

What is your pet bunny’s name? (Trixie Fairchild)

Do you paint your finger- and toenails? (Yes, the palest shade of sparkly pink)

Are you small, or my size? (Rather small)

What do you eat? (Milk and apples but I do like the occasional fancy tea party)

Where do you live, in a castle? (Yes, in an undisclosed location)

How do you get into my house? (A different way each time)

And finally, what do you do with my teeth? (That will be revealed when the last baby tooth falls out)

That gives me a while to come up with an answer. “They wind up in your mother’s underwear drawer” clearly isn’t good enough.

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4 Responses to “The Tooth Fairy's Personalized Stationery”

  1. LOL! Beautiful.

    You really should seize the opportunity…Santa doesn’t have the market cornered! I’d sign up for your service!

    Lora N.

  2. I remember finding my teeth in my mom’s underwear drawer and realizing the tooth fairy wasn’t actually real. Let’s hope Annabelle isn’t as big a snoop as I was back then.

    Since I recently had reason to go back through her underwear drawer, I discovered she still has them. Motherhood turns people weird… when else would it be acceptable to keep a bag full of teeth next to your panties?

  3. When my daughter was about 6, she asked the toothfairy to leave a picture of herself. i found a lovely pen and ink drawing online and printed it out and left it next to the Sacajawea dollar. she kept that picture for years and believed it was from the toothfairy…until we had ‘the talk’ about Santa, Easter Bunny and toothfairy. initially, she was crushed and cried for the “loss of the magic” (her words). now, she’s 12. she found my copy of Augusten Burroughs book “Possible Side Effects” and loved the part about his anxiety over this fairy.

  4. that is one classy tooth fairy.

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