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Success! Well, maybe.

posted Tuesday August 19th, 2008

I saw the mom of the 6-year-old with Down syndrome today. I didn’t say hello, not right away, since she’s been standoffish since I gave her the bag with the books and the Down syndrome information last week. But today she approached me. Turns out, she DID call some of the numbers I gave her. She was confused by some of it — I had to send her back to the Starbucks receipt I gave her originally, where I’d scrawled the number for intake services through the state’s assistance program. My bad, I should have been better organized from the start.

I feel much better. 

And Ms. X called yesterday to report proudly that Sophie did not try to escape from the playground. 

It’s going to be a long year.

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One Response to “Success! Well, maybe.”

  1. You probably made a bigger impact than you realize, but you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself if she doesn’t take it as far as she could. At my new job, I do this kind of thing all day every day — all you can do is show people the path… you can’t drag em kicking and screaming down it. (Much as type-A personalities like us can’t understand it, some people like to think and think and THINK about things before they do them. Annoyinnnnnng!)

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