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Sophie Goes to Kindergarten: Write On!

posted Friday August 8th, 2008

Ms. X called shortly after school let out today, to report that Sophie had a great day. One “time out,” but otherwise pretty darn good.

“And she wrote her name today,” she added.

“She what???”

At all the meetings we had last winter and spring, to determine Sophie’s next step, the one face at the table that was always the dourest belonged to the occupational therapist, who’s in charge of fine motor skills. She made no bones: The OT said point blank that she did not think Sophie could handle kindergarten.

“She may never be able to write her name,” she said at one of the early meetings.

That line has haunted me since. Look, I know we’re just entering the computer age. By the time she’s an adult, Sophie and everyone else will have some sort of computer strapped to them that will probably let them communicate with their eyes, never mind type with fingers. Handwriting will be obsolete.

But to hear that my child may never be able to write her own name?

“Are you sure?” I asked Ms. X. “Really? She did it herself?”

She promised to show me next week, adding that it’s not perfect, but that Sophie absolutely did it herself and you can certainly tell what she wrote: S O P H I E. 

“I have goosebumps!” she said.

Me, too. And in that moment, I understood just why Ms. X teaches kindergarten, and why she’s willing to put up with all of Sophie’s ball buster BS.

Sophie wrote her name today. I can’t think of a better way to end the first week of kindergarten.

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8 Responses to “Sophie Goes to Kindergarten: Write On!”

  1. WOW!!!!!!

  2. i can’t think of a better teacher than ms. x…..and i’ve known a lot. sophie’s a lucky girl. smart and lucky.

  3. Congratulations! How awful to hear such a dire pronouncement, but I’m glad that having such a stellar teacher is proving the occupational therapist wrong! Good for Sophie! (Not that I know her or anything, but as a teacher, her success story is exciting to me.)

  4. I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Congrats to Sophie. And congrats to her teacher. Is there anything better than a gifted and caring teacher?

  6. I am so proud of Soph! You have to frame it, so that i can see and you will have it forever. Tell everyone that i miss them and love them.


  7. I’m reading here (and listening to some of the radio pieces too, not that I’m obsessed with kindergarten.)

    This one made me cry, of course. but mostly I want to go kick that OT.

  8. funny, i was thinking about that OT and that post the other day during Sophie’s parent/teacher conference. i wish that OT had been more wrong — Sophie’s handwriting had turned out to be a huge issue, and she doesn’t always want to type, either. but she can most definitely sign her name!!! abby is going to be so awesome in kindergarten, it will be hard on you and so amazing for her! i promise!

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