Sophie Goes to Kindergarten: Should I Safetytat Her?

posted Saturday August 2nd, 2008

Just the weekend, then it’s kindergarten.

Today was the last day of pre-school. Actually, it wasn’t, because Sophie ditched. Annabelle’s camp was done so I had a sitter anyway, and when I asked, Annabelle said she’d prefer to have Sophie stay home with her.


So we didn’t really say goodbye. That’s okay. I hate goodbyes and I’ve had more than my share, this summer. Leaving this school is cutting the final cord, before kindergarten.

We leave with good memories of the place. Here’s the link to a piece I did about Sophie and her school, a little more than two years ago, for KJZZ, the local NPR affiliate:

But while I do adore the staff and teachers and director (who accomodated Sophie when they didn’t have to — there’s no mandate at a private pre-school to take a special needs kid, and she was one of only a couple) there was something missing.

In three years, Sophie didn’t make a single friend. Not even an acquaintance, really.

There are lots of reasons for that — ways to justify it — but I think for now I’ll just move on, and hope for friends in kindergarten.

For now, I have a bigger concern: Should I order Safetytats?

I’m oddly fascinating with this product, in a train wreck sort of way. It’s horrifying, that you’d have to tattoo your kid (albeit temporarily) with their name and number. It’s reminiscent of those of kid leashes I hate, of computer chips for your pet, of — dare I say it? — the Holocaust.

Okay, I know that’s a little silly, but that’s what I thought of.

The Safetytat is made for places like amusement parks, but I immediately thought of kindergarten.

One thing I’ll say for the school we left today: Kids don’t get lost. The staff/student ratio is practically one to one. I’ve had interns there tell me they can’t find kids to play with, there are so many adults around. (Perhaps one reason Sophie hasn’t sought out her peers.)

Kindergarten won’t be like that. Kindergarten will be 22 kids to 1 teacher. One very good teacher, but one teacher.

Still, I don’t think I can bring myself to tattoo my child, to keep her safe between the cafeteria to the playground.

Or maybe I can. I’ll hold off on a final decision til after the first week of school.

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  1. I bought those SafetyTat things (although not for school — I’m not THAT paranoid, LOL). They are like totally impossible to put on a child with sensory issues! You have to hold the thing on them for a minute AND THEN get it soaking wet to get the paper backing off. Yeah, right. Kayla ended up screaming through the whole process.

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