Cooking with Sophie

posted Monday July 21st, 2008

I’ll never forget that right after Sophie was born, my sister said to my mother, “Well, Amy will always have someone to get a pedicure with.”

I love that line.

And while it’s not always true (Sophie’s certainly not up for EVERYTHING), she’s pretty game. Yesterday afternoon I asked Annabelle if she’d like to bake some Pillsbury crescent rolls with me (Sadly, that’s one of the three “dishes” I learned how to make in school — 8th grade home ec, although I believe that roll recipe was a dessert item with icing. Still, close.)

“No,” Annabelle said. “I’ll help you with one part: eating them.”



So we rolled crescent rolls. It took all of 3 minutes and was a huge success; her rolls actually turned out looking better than mine.

The cooking went so well, she wasn’t done. So we made instant pudding.

At dinner, per her promise, Annabelle ate three rolls.

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  1. Ricki loves cooking. Early on, I made PICTURE “recipes” for her, and now we use “enhanced” regular ones.

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