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Fibber Island

posted Monday June 9th, 2008

I’ve long believed that the ability to tell a white lie — and make it stick — is a sign of great intelligence. Yesterday I learned that Sophie’s capable of at least half the equation.

“Moooooooooooooooomy, come in here right now!” Annabelle called from the bathroom. “Sophie put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet!”

I’d been wondering when that was going to happen. I’m just glad she didn’t unroll it first. I pulled the wet mass from the toilet bowl and called to Annabelle to please grab a plastic bag from the kitchen.

Then I turned to Sophie, quietly standing nearby, panties still around her ankles.

“SOPHIE! Why did you do that?!”

She didn’t hesitate.


Nor did I.

“Really? It was an accident? Sophie, are you lying?”


She DID ‘fess up immediately, so I had trouble keeping a straight face or handing down much of a punishment. And I figured it was an aberration, til this morning, when Sophie grabbed Annabelle’s blanket and called that an accident, too.

Ah, life on Fibber Island. It’s one of my favorite kid songs, by the group “They Might Be Giants,” one of those bands that made music for adults for a long time before cashing it in on kid albums. (To be honest, there’s not a huge difference between TMBG’s adult and kid music. Ditto for “Bare Naked Ladies,” whose first official kid album, “Snacktime,” came out earlier this year.) I was going to buy the MP3 to Fibber Island and post it here, but amazon says that’s a no no. So I’ll just tell you that Fibber Island is on the album “NO!” and you can buy the song (for just 99 cents!) or the album yourself on amazon or, I’m sure, a more appropriate indie location I can’t think of at the moment.

Hey, at least I didn’t try to take a photo of the sopping wet toilet paper roll. OK, that’s a fib. I thought about it, but couldn’t get to the camera phone in time. Just as well. After my sister lost her phone not long ago to pedicure water, that’s all I need — a phone in the toilet.

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