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Sophie’s Letter to Santa (Final Draft, Dictated)

posted Monday December 12th, 2011

Dear Santa,

I love you. You’re the best Santa Claus I ever had. I love Christmas. I want paintbrushes and baby stuff, too. We are watching Elf right now and I saw you on Elf. But you are fake on Elf. What’s your favorite color and what’s all the reindeers’ names and I love you the most. Courtney Funk (that’s Sophie’s sitter) says I love Christmas. You’re the best, Santa. You’re the super best best Santa, ever. I hope you are staying warm at the North Pole. Do you like Rudolph? You’re the best Santa ever I ever, ever, ever had.

Love, Sophie — Your Christmas Friend

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4 Responses to “Sophie’s Letter to Santa (Final Draft, Dictated)”

  1. Best Santa letter ever!!!

  2. This letter shows a surprising level of sophistication for such a young girl. Notice how Sophie keeps the focus on Santa – - praising him, inquiring if he is warm enough, and asking him questions about what HE likes. Most children simply write a list of what they want. I predict Santa will bring Sophie everything her heart desires!

  3. This is really sweet!
    Did she write this all by herself or did you help her?
    *I have a cousin with DS who can’t write anything let alone say a correct sentence, so I was just wondering.. (:
    They are truly a gift to the environment, no matter what.

  4. Sophie dictated that but I wrote it down exactly how she said it.

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