The Summer of Courtney (Love)

posted Tuesday June 1st, 2010

Like a lot of kids, Sophie doesn’t do so well with transitions. And she had a great time in First Grade. But I’m not worried about summer. Not this one, anyway.

This is the Summer of Courtney.

Of  “Courtney Love,” I’m calling it. Look at the two of them on their first morning together. Sophie is in heaven and I’m betting (with a few exceptions during some trying transition times) that Courtney will be, too. (Oy. Here I’m knocking wood like crazy! This post is way too optimistic for me!)

We’ve found a promising swim teacher, lined up almost all the therapists and Sophie’s even in dance camp at my mom’s studio this week. And best of all, she’s with Courtney, who’s putting a new degree in special education, more than a year of caring for Sophie and a big heart to work this summer.

Now if I only had things worked out for Fall.

I think I’ll celebrate summer — for a few days, anyway. We’re still recovering from the Last Day of School. I have to admit that I sobbed so hard into Ms. Y’s shoulder I couldn’t breath for a while.

But I can’t get too upset. Guess who Sophie’s math tutor is, starting Thursday? The amazing Ms. Y — pictured, true to a Last Day tradition started with Ms. X, here for the first time, below.

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